About The Passion Behind Bridal Robes

Thank you for taking the time to visit my shop! I was born into a family of tailors and seamstresses. I grew up watching my parents, uncles and aunts making wedding dresses, wedding suits and casual clothes. As a child I had no understanding of the value of this work as is common with most children born into a family trade. I went on to college and received a Bachelors in Science and pursued a career in the banking industry but didn’t quite feel like I was pursuing my curiosities. After several years I decided I needed a change. To take my mind off of things I began playing around with the sewing machine and remembered the principles of tailoring that I had watched my parents perform my whole life. That is when I realized where I belonged. I loved the creative process and the freedom it gave me. This prompted me to start studying current fashion trends and the one that kept striking out at me was the wedding industry. The thought of participating in the best day of people’s lives convinced me of where I belonged. And that’s how Just Robes began.

Just Robes bridal robes are for style-minded women with hearts of gold. Created from a desire to make everyone special and passion behind these handmade robes surely will make your day unique. Just Robes bridal robes are love-soaked token of friendship, fashion and fun.