9 Stress Relieving Tasks to Do When Wedding Planning During Covid-19

9 Stress Relieving Tasks to Do When Wedding Planning During Covid-19

May 22, 2020

9 Stress Relieving Tasks to Do When Wedding Planning During Covid-19


Wedding planning is notoriously stressful. Add in Covid-19 and it’s infinitely more difficult and challenging than ever before. If you find yourself in the overwhelming process of wedding planning during a global pandemic, we’re here for you.


If you’ve just recently started wedding planning, you’re less likely to have to face some of the more difficult choices like postponing or scaling down your wedding. That means you can focus on some of the more fun first decisions for your day!


On the other hand, if you’re a bride deep in the throws of wedding planning things can look totally different than what you expected. Showers may be canceled, you may not be able to find your dream wedding dress yet, or you may even be faced with the huge decision to postpone your original wedding date.


No matter where you are in the wedding planning process, Covid-19 is likely affecting you in some way. Just remember that while everything may seem impossible, love is not canceled. Your wedding day will be amazing, even if it has to look a little different. Today we wanted to talk about 8 stress relieving tasks to do when wedding planning during Covid-19 to help you navigate these unique times.

1. Focus on what’s fun

If the idea of setting up a seating chart or working on a timeline causes a headache, take a break and work on what’s fun. Are you super excited about your dream honeymoon? Start planning that! Maybe creating the perfect playlist for your reception is your passion. Hop online and start putting together your list! It’s okay every once in a while to hit pause on the more stressful planning topics and working on what gets you most excited.

2. Delegate

Speaking of the non-fun wedding planning, don’t be afraid to delegate! While you might not be thrilled about the seating chart your future mother-in-law is probably dying to help. The people closest to you will want to make this process fun and easy for you. Let them do that by passing off some of the stress! Delegating can free you up to make sure your workload isn’t overbearing.


3. Exercise

Nothing can boost your mood quite like the endorphin rush of a good workout. Take the time to make sure you’re getting exercise on a regular basis. While it might not feel productive for wedding planning it is. It will make sure you’re feeling your best with the added bonus of making sure you look your best on your wedding day too!


4. Hire a wedding planner

Seriously, hiring a wedding planner is no longer a luxury experience. They are worth their weight in gold and will help you in more ways than we could count. From managing your guest list to sending out invitations and keeping you organized wedding planners offer so many benefits. If you’re starting to feel overwhelmed, bringing a professional wedding planner onto your team can make a world of difference! Especially with all the questions you might have about Covid-19 and the effects it could have on your wedding day, they’re the experts!


5. Work on your wedding website

There is no better time to sit down and finally take a crack at creating your wedding website than now. When else will you find the time to sit down and write out your love story, upload photos, and research the best things to do in your city for guests? Plus, people will want to know if your date has changed and any new information they can with the rapidly changing Covid-19 situation.


6. Take engagement photos

Most states are allowing photographers to continue shooting outdoors. That means now is the perfect time to schedule your engagement photos! It’s the perfect excuse to finally get dressed up again and have some fun with your fiance. Plus, you’ll get amazing photos to help you with your save-the-dates, wedding website, and any other wedding planning that requires photos!


7. Send out save-the-dates

Creating and sending out save-the-dates is such a fun part of the planning process! It’s the official date announcement and means things are getting even more real! It’s also the first impression you’ll give people of what your wedding day will be like. The best part of it all is this is something you and your fiance can do together. So, when you run out of fun things to do in quarantine you can turn this into a mini planning date night!


8. Work on your registry

Being quarantined is the perfect time to sit down and plan out your registry! You’ll have plenty of time to research, compare reviews and pick out the perfect items. It’s also so easy to do from the comfort of your own home. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that people are doing more online shopping than normal. Who knows, that may mean more gifts for you!


9. Take a break

If things are getting too overwhelming, don’t be afraid to press pause on it for a while. There is absolutely no shame in taking a break for your mental and physical health. Wedding planning is not the end-all-be-all of life. In fact, it’s just one day and it won’t be perfect no matter how hard you try. We don’t say that to scare you, instead we want you to feel the freedom of that fact! Take the time you need to focus on what really matters, your marriage, your family, and your health. Everything else comes secondary, including wedding planning.


In the end, we know wedding planning will look different for everyone in these challenging times. Just remember that if it becomes too stressful for you, you aren’t alone. Don’t be afraid to seek help from the people who love you and your trusted team of vendors. They’re on your side and want to help you! A global pandemic is something none of us could have ever foreseen. Even though it may throw a wrench in the planning process, remember to take it one step at a time and it will all come together how it needs to.